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Baby Ninja

Version 1.2 now available, along with a browser-based demo.

MUNICH -  December 3, 2010 - Apple Developer Michael Sandt - ASteam creating new media published the NEW version of the amazing game "Baby Ninja v1.2" available on the App Store now.

There are amazing new features in the new version which is more fun to play. 

The Developer also produced a Browser Demo Game, which is free to play with the Unity PlugIn.

The URL for the Browser Demo:


- Real 3D Baby Character

- Amusing start menu ... touch the Baby Ninja, and it moves and makes noise

- 5 different Level World Grafics

- Endless levels with increasing difficulty in exciting surprises

- Gameplay mode 1: Easy single-display-tab gameplay mode incl. Open Feint Highscore

- Gameplay mode 2: Difficult Ninja gameplay mode with controls for every Baby Ninja action

- 4 different fast Baby Ninja attacks: round kick, throwing star, quick sword actions, foot kick

- 6 different type of good and bad fruits

- Baby can jump high in the press several times

- Baby can run in the Ninja mode and has a nice costume

- Fun music and good sound effects

- Flying crates with explosion effect

- Highscore via OpenFeint

- Level completed achievements

- High Round Sword Kick Bonus | Achievement: First High Round Sword Kick Bonus

- High Throw Bonus | Achievement: First High Throw Bonus

- High Kick Bonus | Achievement: First High Kick Bonus

- High Sword Bonus | Achievement: First High Sword Bonus

- Double Air Round Sword Kick Bonus | Achievement: Double Air Round Sword Kick Bonus

- Double Air Throw Bonus | Achievement: Double Air Throw Bonus

- Double Air Sword Bonus | Achievement: Double Air Sword Bonus

- Double Air Kick Bonus | Achievement: Double Air Kick Bonus

- Social Notifications | Send your score to Facebook or twitter

Info: The iPad Version is designed in HD Quality

Gameplay Short Description of Baby Ninja:

"... let your teddy bears never pass ... collect good fruits, but not the bad (there is the worm in it) ... destroy the bad fruits with Baby Ninja attacks!"

iTunes download URL:

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The official NEW release trailer:

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About Michael Sandt - ASteam creating new media:

Apple Developer, Dipl. Multimedia Producer

Web-, Flash-, Unity3D- Developer and Programmer

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