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Babel Media appoints new Euro sales and marketing boss

Brighton based Babel Media has announced the appointment of industry veteran Keith Russell as its new European sales and marketing director, effectively filling the boots of company co-founder Ben Wibberley who has moved to the USA to head up the company's new office there.

Russell has a wealth of previous industry experience in the development tools sector, where he was most recently European director of Discreet, makers of 3ds max, and prior to that was UK sales manager for rival 3D tools supplier Alias/Wavefront.

"I am thrilled to join Babel Media at this exciting time for the company," enthused Russell in a statement this week. "It has grown substantially over the past five years to become the world leader in outsourcing for the games community. Now I have a unique opportunity to help them develop into new areas such as mobile porting which is a hot topic for the games community right now."

Russell will be taking responsibility for all European business in the company's service areas, and will head up a team of six executives. His appointment comes as part of a continued global expansion plan for the company, which has recently encompassed the opening of a QA office in India as well as the new US office.

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