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Babel drums up Nintendo's Jungle Beat microsite

Babel's marketing services team has just finished work on Nintendo's microsite for their new Nintendo GameCube title Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, the latest title of the multi-million selling franchise which started back in 1981 with the smash-hit arcade game Donkey Kong. Babel posted a single-page teaser to coincide with the game's launch, followed by a full flash-based microsite drawing artistic inspiration directly from the game's key features.

The Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat microsite blended key game information, screenshots, streaming mp3 audio and in-game video clips, and also delivered animated instructions on how to use the unique bongo drum peripheral used for controlling the game.

"Our team was able to take full advantage of their love and wide knowledge of gaming to identify the key elements of fun and interactivity from the game and re-create these in the site's animation and content - creating a website that showcases the game experience as well as explaining its key features" said Stuart Dodman, Head of Marketing Services at Babel Media.

Both the Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat full site and teaser were localised into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Dutch, with separate versions also created for Belgian French and Belgian Dutch.

'Babel's experience was really valuable to transfer the feel and look of Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat through the website. Having now worked on a number of projects with their marketing team, the creativity of their work is giving the Nintendo microsite a real edge', Wolfram Vogt, Assistant Online Manager at Nintendo of Europe.

Babel's Marketing Services team have also recently produced downloadable assets for Nintendo titles such as Paper Mario 2: The Thousand Year Door, Mario Vs. Donkey Kong and the second NES Classics collection - including screensavers, wallpapers, Winamp skins and desktop replacement tools - as part of Babel's outsourced marketing services for Nintendo.

Notes to Editors

Babel is the industry leader in specialist outsourced services for the games and interactive entertainment industry. The company has offices in Brighton, New Delhi and San Diego providing comprehensive games-focused localisation, QA, certification, audio, print and marketing services.

Clients include Microsoft, Nintendo, Atari, Vodafone, Activision, Sony, THQ, Disney, iFone, SCi, Hip Interactive, Motorola, Digital Bridges, Eidos, Bandai, Taito, Capcom, Gameloft, Cenega and SEGA.

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