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Babel celebrates success for audio division

Brighton-based game services and outsourcing specialist Babel has revealed an impressive portfolio of titles which have been handled by its recently formed audio production department over the last six months.

Among the games which have benefited from Babel's expertise in the field are THQ's racers Juiced and MotoGP, 2K Games' Stronghold 2, SCi's Total Overdose and Novalogic's Delta Force - Black Hawk Down.

The company's involvement in the audio runs from the concept stages through to final delivery, and it performs roles ranging from pre-production and casting through recording, FX and mixing to final delivery, as well as providing localised recordings though its international network of studios.

The whole division is headed up by experienced audio producer Adam Chapman, who joined the company ten months ago as audio product manager and has led the growth of this new area for Babel ever since.

"Babel has provided us with great support on each title," according to THQ's European director of product management, Roger Carpenter. "It is a real value to work with people who have in depth knowledge of the audio production process, great project handling and communication. They have offered support and guidance throughout the life of our English and localised projects."

Babel has offices in Brighton, New Delhi and Santa Monica, and along with audio, its other services include localisation, QA, certification, print and marketing services for all areas of the videogames industry.

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