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Side-scrolling RPG launched on Steam.


QUEBEC, CANADA, Nov. 5 -- Independent game developer Citérémis today released Aztaka on the Steam Digital Distribution Platform. Aztaka is a side-scrolling role-playing adventure that blends classic gameplay with modern technology and high-end graphics.

Inspired by Aztec legend, Aztaka drops players into the middle of a war between mankind and the gods. Only Huitzilo, who's skilled in the arts of combat and magic, can save his people from the wrath of the Aztec deities.

Aztaka features richly detailed backdrops and fluid character animation, immersing players in a heroic quest to collect seven Phonograms. Featuring 21 levels packed with mythological creatures, quests and puzzles, Aztaka provides a new universe for action-RPG fans to explore.

Already receiving high praise for its exceptional graphics and innovative controls, Aztaka will reach an even wider player base through Steam.

"We're thrilled to have Steam host Aztaka. This opens up a new audience to us, and we're confident people will appreciate Aztaka's combination of an Aztec-inspired world and old school action-RPG gameplay," says Citérémis president Jonathan Mercier.

About Citérémis

Citérémis is a video game studio located in Sherbrooke, Canada, with the objective of creating innovative games with an emphasis on simplicity and fun. The team consists of a mix of fresh talent and industry veterans, all passionate about computer gaming. Since its inception in 2005, the company has worked on multiple projects, with Aztaka being the most recent and the most ambitious.

About Steam

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