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"Developer's Edition" launched to spearhead quest for profitability.


QUÉBÉC, CANADA - Jan. 10, 2011 -- Independent game developer Citérémis today released its new Aztaka Developer's Edition, with the objective of bringing together the independent developers and the gaming community into their “Quest for profitability.”

Four years ago Citérémis rented a small office above two bars. The idea was simple: craft a 2D side-scrolling game for the people who loved the old-school genre.  The budget: $235,000 borrowed from friends and family who trusted them.

Since its release in May 2009, Aztaka has received positive reviews by many websites, and has achieved total revenue of about $35,000. To bridge the gap: Aztaka Developer's Edition, that will only be available from Jan. 7th 9:00 AM (EST) until 11:59 PM on January 31 st.

"At the bottom of this quest for profitability also lies the idea of a stronger community. Let's work together to stay independent and innovative! If we stick together to increases everyone's project visibility we have a greater chance of success," says Citérémis president Jonathan Mercier.

The quest for profitability begins today with two main objectives: to generate enough sales from this edition to let them keep doing what they love and to reimburse their friends and family, while also bringing together indie developers.

"We are asking all independent developers to join our cause and we hope it's only the beginning and that we will be able to return the favour soon!" says Mercier.

Aztaka Developer's Edition will be offered for 19 days at a 50% off launch deal of $9.99 and includes:

Aztaka The game source code The exotic French art book The professionally recorded soundtrack About Aztaka

Aztaka is a side-scrolling role-playing adventure that blends classic gameplay with modern technology and high-end graphics. Aztaka features richly detailed backdrops and fluid character animation, immersing players in a heroic quest to collect the seven Phonograms.  Featuring 21 levels packed with mythological creatures, quests and puzzles, Aztaka provides a new universe for action-RPG fans to explore.

About Citérémis

Citérémis is a video game studio located in the Sherbrooke area, Canada, with the objective of creating innovative and fun games. Since its inception in 2005, the company has worked on multiple projects; Aztaka is the most recent and the most ambitious. 


Jonathan Mercier


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