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Axelo/Tek Republik deal

3D natural movement game controller installed at Tek Republik in Austin, Texas.

March 8, 2010

Axelo Inc. is based in Austin, Texas and is a developer of advanced technology for gaming and entertainment. The company has developed the Axelo BAT, an innovative 3D natural movement game controller. Further to discussions and product demo’s undertaken in late 2009, Axelo has signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Tek Republik effective immediately.

Tek Republik has been founded on the goal to provide a best-in-class computer and console game-play experience within the local community in Austin, Texas. Gamers have access to several high-end video gaming systems: (a) PCs, (b) Xbox 360 © PS3 and/or (d) Wii with the most recent and popular releases of software available to its clientele.

Recently, Tek Republik has installed the Axelo BAT on all of its high-end PC custom gamer stations so that gamers can use the 3D natural movement game controller for their game-play to improve performance and/or simply get a natural and more immersive feel for a popular game. “The feedback from gamers that have experienced the Axelo BAT has been very positive. We’ve held racing game tournaments via Trackmania using the Axelo BAT and the response was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. The Axelo BAT has also been embraced by gamers playing racing games such as Dirt 2, Trackmania, and Vehicular FPS such as Arma 2. All of these videogame genres are great for the environment which we have created at Tek Republik since it fosters a social and fun gaming experience”, said Chris Tom – CEO for Tek Republik

Axelo Inc. is well surrounded with a growing and respected number of video gaming companies in Austin, TX thereby leveraging its strategic location as a major hub for gamers, game development, game publishers and related gaming products. “When you first experience the Axelo BAT take flight on a flight simulator product such as Battlestations Pacific you’re impressed with its ability to control the flight path using 3D natural motion, but the Axelo BAT has been designed for much more, including all types of videogame genres and Tek Republik provides a forum for us to showcase our exciting technology, as well as give consumers the opportunity to buy it directly from a local retail outlet”, said Pierre Touma – CEO of Axelo Inc..

Given the special relationship we have developed with Tek Republik we have jointly agreed to share a booth for the SXSW Screenburn Arcade being held in Austin, Texas between March 12th – 14th. If you happen to be in Austin or visiting the area for SXSW, come visit us at Booth # A7.

Tek Republik is located about ten minutes from downtown Austin, Texas and is easily accessible to students in the area and gamers in general. Tek Republik holds tournaments, all nighters, private events and birthday parties. Tek Republik also has a full repair service for video gaming equipment.

Axelo Inc. together with our lead customers is extremely excited about the launch of the Axelo BAT since the integration of advanced sensing technology provides a totally new and unparalleled gaming experience. The experience provided by the Axelo BAT 3D game controller for PC and Mac is a quantum leap ahead of conventional game-play.

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