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AwesomenessTV announces The Kids' Game Awards

Advisory board includes Activision, Nintendo, and Warner Bros

Geoff Keighley is collaborating with DreamWorksTV to create a kid-focused spin-off of The Game Awards.

"The Kids' Game Awards show will feature special appearances by celebrities, gamers, digital influencers and musical guests. For the Kids' Game Awards, led by producer Geoff Keighley, AwesomenessTV has also lined up an advisory board that includes Activision, Nintendo, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment," reported Variety.

AwesomenessTV is a media and entertainment company owned by DreamWorks Animation and has received investment from Hearst and Verizon.

Keighley launched The Game Awards in 2014. The 2015 show attract 2.3 million online viewers through services like Twitch and YouTube

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