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Award-Winning MMORPG Pirates of the Burning Sea UNVEILS NEW WEBSITE!

www.burningsea.com Makeover, and More!


(Seattle, WA) January 11, 2007 - Flying Lab Software unveiled a website redesign ( www.burningsea.com) for their award-winning MMORPG Pirates of the Burning Sea, a massively multiplayer online game of swashbuckling adventure on land and sea, set in the Caribbean during the 1720s.

In addition to the brand-new look, the updated Pirates of the Burning Sea website introduced twelve never-before-seen screenshots of breathtaking environments from the game world. The bold site design, launched in tandem with a new Developer Log from Flying Lab Software CEO, Russell Williams, signals the fast approaching June 2007 release date for Pirates of the Burning Sea.

In his Developer Log, Williams writes, "Here at Flying Lab, we're now firmly in the fun part. Our beta releases come out about every 2-3 weeks, and each release dramatically improves the game. This month is a big one for us, as we start rolling in the new avatars into the game, and the Open Sea is about to get a dramatic facelift in both the visuals and in the gameplay. Ship skills are being totally redone, the avatar combat is being finalized, we're adding on yet more richness in our sounds (crew sounds, anybody?) the UI is being (finally!) redone for real, and the art department is kicking ass and taking names - wait till you guys start seeing the new environments, especially the new jungle beach!"

You are invited to check out the new look and see our amazing jungle beach screenshots by visiting our site at www.burningsea.com!

About Flying Lab Software

Flying Lab Software, a Seattle-based game development company, is the maker of the critically acclaimed Rails Across America. Their current project is Pirates of the Burning Sea, an innovative massively multiplayer online role-playing game of adventure and naval combat in the age of sail.

About Pirates of the Burning Sea

Pirates of the Burning Sea is a next-gen MMORPG of intense tactical ship combat and swashbuckling adventures on land and sea. In the Caribbean in 1720, English, Spanish, French, and Pirate captains battle it out for glory and power. Every player is the captain of their own ship, engaging in both Player verses Environment and Player verses Player game play that has the power to truly change the game world.

Compete to conquer enemy ports, pursue 1,000+ missions, engage in a fully player-driven economy, and earn ships, skills, and gear to become the most famous -- or notorious! -- captain on the burning sea. Independently developed and in the works for four years, this is an epic online experience unlike anything else.

Contact: Troy Hewitt,

Director, Community Relations

Flying Lab Software

Email: troyh@flyinglab.com

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