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Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Burning Earth

New Character Descriptors

Uncle Iroh - Uncle Iroh, kindhearted Firebender, looks after his nephew Zuko and trains him in both fighting and compassion. The player playing him can use Iroh's powerful lightning bending move to battle adversaries.

Prince Zuko - Prince Zuko, scorned and scorched by his father, is determined to capture the Avatar to redeem himself. However, Zuko wrestling with his beliefs has started to question his side in the war. The player can play as him to perform explosive Firebending moves.

Toph - Toph, a blind Earth-bender, joins the team at Gaoling, teaching Aang Earthbending. Toph is an exceptional fighter and Bender, and a vital asset to the group.

Appa - Appa is Aang's flying bison and a fellow Airbender himself. Players can play as Appa to fly through dangerous obstacles and experience exciting airborne adventures.

Jet - Jet was the teenage leader of "The Freedom Fighters", a band of Earth Kingdom children left orphaned by the Fire Nation raids. In the game, players can use his hook-swords to swing on branches, bars, and other objects to cross impassable ground.

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