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Avast! v. 2.0 – Piracy and high seas adventure just got blown out of the water!


- Casual game developer Primate Games announced today a new version of "Avast!", the turn based piracy game that is the flagship for the indie company.

"Avast!" is a small and robust casual game designed around a boardgame-like play style with simple strategic elements very similar to chess or checkers. As Captain Suzette, a struggling Inn keeper, out to earn her fortune and save her beloved home, players must position their fleet against brigands and scallywags of all types as they sail the treacherous oceans. Harvest items, race to goals, collect treasure and scuttle opponents' ships in one of the four gameplay scenarios.

Full of rich art and inspiring music, the story mode alone offers 40+ hours of turn based pirate fun for all ages.

Version 1.0 of Avast! comes with:
50 unique levels.
4 different game scenarios.
Multiplayer "Skirmish" mode for turn swapping play.
All original musical score by composer C. Stephen Murray.
11 separate opponents to defeat.
Multiple endings.
20+ "Power Up" items to enhance gameplay.
Hilarious characters and story.

Major changes for v2.0 of Avast! are:
Ship speed setting
Skippable story option.
Tutorial is now skippable.

About Primate Games:
Based out of Renton Washington, Primate Games is composed of industry veterans that have a specific vision in mind. Founded by Jerry Pritchard and Matthew Gillikin in 2005, Primate Games sees a developing niche' in the casual game market for games containing successful casual game elements but more "substance." Primate Games' titles are built on the classic casual model of "quick entry" and a small footprint while also offering a marriage of compelling gameplay and rich characters.

For Evaluation Copy or More Info Contact mattg@primategames or download V2.0 from:

Matthew A. Gillikin
Primate Games
401 Olympia Ave. NE
Suite #226, Mailbox #5
Renton Wa 98056

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