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Avalon Heroes

Two new heroes and a fresh contest arrive on the online RTS/RPG.

Munich, Germany, May 19, 2010

The online RTS RPG Avalon Heroes is all about the eternal battle between the two factions of Aeonia and Oriens. From now on, yet another fight will be part of this conflict, following hot Internet discussions: pirates vs. ninjas. For, with the new update, two additional characters join the already impressive cast of heroes – Aeonia is supported by the red pirate Drake, while the ninja-like Mitsuki has chosen the Oriens side.

The two newcomers are as different as they could be. With his cannon claw, Drake the pirate is a melee brawler who, among other things, can attack several opponents at once and drain their energy, or hurl the huge anchor of his ship, the Sea Serpent, at his hapless foes. In contrast, Mitsuki, a fast and nimble stealth expert, is best suited to quick ambush attacks. Her special abilities allow her to hide in the shadows, find out the weak points of her opponents and strike after making herself invisible. But those are only a few of the qualities the new heroes have to offer. Aeonia or Oriens? Pirates or ninjas? The final decision lies in the hands of the player.

Obviously, this is a good time for the Hero Guide contest. With more than 40 heroes available in Avalon Heroes, there is much to learn for newcomers and veteran players alike. Users who are already quite familiar with one or more of the heroes now get to share their valuable knowledge with other players. The Hero Guide contest, held by alaplaya and the European Sports League (ESL), will run through June 6, 2010, offering lots of attractive prizes. Contest details as well as information about what a guide entry should contain and what the prizes are can be found at www.esl.eu/eu/avalonheroes/news/123127.

For more information about Avalon Heroes, please visit the official website at www.avalonheroes.alaplaya.net. The online RTS RPG in the European ESL is located at www.esl.eu/eu/avalonheroes.

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