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Australia Charts: The Sims 2 makes a number one debut

Electronic Arts' The Sims 2 has taken the top spot in the Australian game sale charts in its first week on sale - making it into a bumper week for the massive franchise, as The Sims Deluxe continues to hold steady in the top ten.

The sequel to the best selling PC game of all time debuted at number one in Australia, mirroring huge success in other global territories including the UK and the USA, and displacing former incumbent Athens 2004, which dropped to second place.

Another EA title, Burnout 3, took third in the chart with its PS2 SKU, while the Xbox SKU of the game was at number nine - the previous generation of Sims game, The Sims Deluxe, was at number seven in the chart.

Combined with the number five performance of Madden NFL 2005, this gave EA a grand total of five games in the top ten - representing over half of the units sold by the top ten titles this week.

Activision's Call of Duty: United Offensive was another PC game performing well this week, in at number four in the ranking, while SCi's Conflict Vietnam on PS2 was at number six, and Capcom's Resident Evil Outbreak came in at number eight - matching its performance in this week's UK charts.

Australian chart data supplied by GfK Australia. Visit their website for more information.

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