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Australia Charts: Driv3r beats challenge from Spider-Man 2

Activision's Spider-Man 2 movie tie-in has debuted strongly in the Australian market, according to the latest figures from Inform i3, but it couldn't shift Atari's Driv3r from the top of the software sales charts in its first week.

Spider-Man 2 swung into second place with its PS2 SKU, directly behind the PS2 version of Driv3r which held on to the top spot for a second week. The Xbox version of Spider-Man 2 was the only other new release in the top ten, coming in at number seven - two places behind Driv3r's Xbox version at number five.

Whether this situation will persist next week, as Spidey-mania begins in earnest with the launch of the film in all global territories, remains to be seen - Activision will be hoping to top charts across the globe with its licensed title, as it did with the first Spider-Man in 2002.

Elsewhere in the Australian chart, both Pokemon Colosseum (Cube) and Shrek 2 (PS2) are displaced by the arrival of Spider-Man 2, dropping to numbers three and four respectively, while The Sims Deluxe (PC/Mac) climbs to number six.

Sony's Singstar is at number eight this week, and performing very strongly in the territory overall, while THQ's Full Spectrum Warrior adds another Xbox title to the top ten - up to number nine this week - and EA's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban drops to number ten.

Five PS2 titles dominate the Australian chart, including the top two titles, with the highest ranked (and only!) GameCube game being Pokemon Colosseum at three, while the top ranked Xbox title, Driv3r at number five, is joined by two other Xbox games in the top ten listing.

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