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Australia Charts: Athens 2004 holds steady at number one

The end of the Olympic Games in Athens hasn't dented the success of Sony's tie-in title on the PS2, with Athens 2004 taking the top spot in the Australian sales charts for a second week.

Athens 2004 continued to outsell its closest rival, Doom 3, in a week which saw no movement in the top four titles - with EA's The Sims Deluxe and Sony's SingStar continuing to hold third and fourth place respectively.

Atari's Driv3r moves up to number five this week, shooting ahead of Activision's Spider-Man 2 which actually drops down to number ten. EA continues to have an impressive run of sales with The Sims, however - both the Unleashed and Superstar packs are in the top ten again this week, along with Deluxe at number three.

The top ten is entirely dominated by PS2 and PC titles this week - the PS2 has five games in the ranking, there are four PC titles, and the GBA takes the one remaining place, with Pokemon Ruby re-entering the top ten at number eight.

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