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Australia Charts: Atari Driv3n from the top by Spider-Man 2

The PlayStation 2 version of Spider-Man 2 has climbed to the top of the Australian charts in this week's ranking, displacing Atari's Driv3r which drops one place to this week's number two.

Further down the chart, the Xbox version of Spider-Man 2 is also the highest ranked Xbox title of the week, coming in at number eight - while the Xbox version of Driv3r has fallen out of the top ten entirely.

The top ranked GameCube title for the week is Pokemon Colosseum, which drops two places to number five in the chart - while EA's The Sims Deluxe rises up the rankings to become this week's number three, and the highest ranked PC/Mac title.

Vivendi's Simpsons Hit & Run, a major Christmas hit, is a re-entry to the top ten on both PlayStation 2 and Xbox, with the PS2 version at number six while the Xbox version is at number nine, just ahead of the PS2 version of Tony Hawks Underground which also re-enters the top ten this week.

Also in the ranking are Sony's SingStar, which is performing strongly in Australia and is up to number four in the chart, and Activision's Shrek 2, now dropping down the rankings after several successful weeks and at this week's number seven.

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