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Aussie public videogames ratings discussion on hold

Future public consultation still possible says South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson

Plans for a public consultation on the introduction of a new R18+ rating for videogames in Australia have been delayed, following the rejection of the draft discussion paper by South Australian Attorney General Michael Atkinson.

Atkinson rejected the Standing Committee of Attorneys-General's paper which called for a consultation with the public over the possibility of extending Australia's ratings for videogames from MA15+ to the higher R18+ classification, allowing for a greater number of titles with mature content to be released in the region.

"[Atkinson] gave consideration to the draft but was unable to support the release of that document," a spokesperson for the Attorney Gneral said, according to GameSpot AU. "The next meeting of the Ministers will occur in November so the matter can be further discussed then if ministers choose."

Australia's Victorian Attorney General Rob Hulls added: "Whilst the issue is still formally on the SCAG agenda, it now appears unlikely that there will be unanimity from all jurisdictions to proceed further at this stage with introducing an R18+ category for computer games."

This news comes just before the release of Bethesda's Fallout 3, which went through a lengthy battle to be released in the region.

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