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Aurora Blade

Newbie Fund launched.

Aurora Blade ( is like a friendly, harmonious family, a close knit community of dedicated players. In order to help novice level up fast, the Aurora Blade team is preparing to release the Aurora Newbie Fund! From December 18th to December 31st, all players have a chance to obtain part of the Newbie Fund if they create a new character and work hard to reach Level 10 in the game.

The Newbie Fund contains 1 Gold Coin (1 Gold Coin is equal to 100 Silver Coins and 1 Silver Coin is equal to 100 Copper Coins) and a Big Bag from the Aurora Blade Item Mall. With the help of the Newbie Fund, players can buy skill scrolls to enhance their abilities and enlarge the capacity of their bags (in order to hold more items).

What’s more, Santa Claus in Aurora Blade is ready with his sleigh for his annual gift giving flights! Just like in the past, Santa silently climbs into houses through the chimney at night, putting gifts into our Christmas Stockings and under the tree. Players have a chance to obtain a Christmas stocking by defeating monsters! The event period lasts from Dec 21st till Dec 31st. Only during this event period can players obtain Christmas stockings from any monsters they defeat. These can be opened to obtain abundant rewards such as Rainbow Mood, Christmas Exp Ticket, Christmas Candy and Purple Stats Equipment.

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