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Aurora Blade

More about IGG's upcoming browser-based MMORPG, entering closed beta on December 5th.

Publisher: IGG

Close beta: Dec 5, 2008

Official site:

Aurora Blade (, the IGG first Browser-Based MMORPG, would be released at the beginning of December. Below is the introduction of the brand new browser-based online game.

Aurora Blade is a cool, new role-playing Browser-Based MMORPG. It does not require any download or installation. Simply open the link in a new browser window, and type your IGG account and password in to start. The main aim of this new game is to build a healthy internet game-playing environment for gamers. With every click of the mouse, you can be changed into different characters or hang out in “Barlow Valley” with your friends.

With a backdrop of Western sorcery and knightly combat, Aurora Blade offers players a fantastic game world in which players act as warriors and fight with monsters and other evil forces with only the strength of their swords and the strength of their will. They fight to protect their land and maintain their way of life. Aurora Blade features all the best characteristics and advantages of PC games, MMORPGs and browser based games in one slick package.

Apart from 4 distinct classes, Aurora Blade still has abundant content including monster killing to level, a diverse community of players to chat and play with, various equipment, skills and items, forging and refining functions, PK functions, team combat, guild activities, instances and other amazing content. Players will find a lot of excitement and fun in Aurora Blade Online.

If you are not a social person and feel incredibly awkward when making friends with strangers, you can still have a good time in game and win Good Fellow Cards after completing quests. Or just play alone and show off your proficient skills in 1 VS 1, where it’s easy to win quality gear. Only a very small amount of branch line quests are marked as TEAM quests, which means they must be completed in party. So, even if you do not join any teams, you can still have a lot of fun in game. Your characters can even level up by themselves in case you are AFK for awhile. When you are occupied with something else, log into the game and watch how much your characters can progress by themselves!

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