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Aurora Blade

Latest version adds Gem Processing system.

IGG recently put a new edge on their Aurora Blade, one of the company’s free browser-based MMORPGs, by releasing a new version on May 20th. After adding tons of new content, the Aurora Blade team rested long enough to give players some details about the crown jewel of the latest update: the brand new Gem Processing system. Other highlights include new high-end gems, Honor Medals that can be traded for purple attribute gear and some fun daily quests.

Gem Processing System

The new system allows players to forge blue and purple attribute Enchanting Stones. Players can learn the Gem Processing skill from the Stone Refiner NPC in the main city, who also sells some green attribute recipes. Skill points increase based on processing times.

The best sources of Gem Processing recipes are monsters and BOSSes. Some green attribute recipes and all blue attribute recipes drop from monsters, while purple attribute recipes are exclusive to instance BOSSes. The Gem Processing system gives all players a chance to create top-quality equipment without spending money in-game.

High-level Gems Available

The shelves of the Item Mall are now stocked with a series of brand new Cryolites and Gems. These can help players easily improve their weapons by adding impressive attributes.

Honor Medals for Purple Attribute Equipment

Collecting Honor Medals is another way for high-level players to obtain awesome gear. When defeating BOSSes in the Level 75+ instances, players can obtain some Honor Medals to exchange for Purple attribute equipment.

New Daily Quests

Also added to the game were the Aurora Guardian Team’s daily quests and the Stone Refiner’s daily quests. These quests add more fun to a game that’s already brimming with adventure and excitement.

Aurora Blade is a simple yet exciting game with immersive storylines for players of all ages and skill levels. Visit the official site at for more details about the new update. Visit to learn about IGG’s growing family of games.

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