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Singing reviewer Rebecca Mayes interviewed by Official PlayStation Magazine.



A non-stop month draws to a close for Rebecca Mayes with her first national press interview in none other than the Official Playstation Magazine.

Rebecca has been inundated with interest in her video game review songs since launching them at Christmas. The OPM office 'fell in love with' the Okami song and asked for an interview with the singer songwriter. The full text is attached here, from which the pictured article was formed:

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I have curly hair, I drink Rooibos tea with lots of milk and sugar, my favourite instrument is the zither, I am tempestuous in the kitchen (ie. disastrous), I stole my grandfather's accordion when no one was looking, my favourite poet is Rilke, I live in a city near the sea and I am a one-girl-band.

How did you come up with the idea of reviewing games with songs?

It wasn't my idea! It was put to me by Paul Govan at who are interested in creative ways to review games. As a songwriter I love being challenged and seeing what I can come up with under pressure so I was up for it straight away. Writing song-reviews brings out a different side to my songwriting. It's great to allow my sense of humour and fun out.

What’s the biggest challenge?

Making it both a good song and a good, honest review.

What has the audience reaction been like to the Okami song?

Okami is a well loved game and I was quite critical of it but I managed to get away with that because the song is ironic in some senses and bordering on the ridiculous. It was my honest experience of playing Okami as a complete novice - I admit I am quite easily frustrated, which may not be a good quality in a reviewer!

It's been interesting to read comments on the blog. Some love the song and think it really works well, whilst others say it's not a proper review. I like to think I'm pushing the boundaries of how people review video games.

Are you a big gamer?

Not at all. I started this project as a complete novice, which is partly why wanted me to do it, I bring a new perspective to the reviews and connect to those non-gamers out there whose interest in gaming might be piqued through this medium.

Gaming is getting under my skin now and I'm quite fond of my developing gaming-wrinkle - although if you can find me a game to review that doesn't induce too much brow-furrowing I'd be interested.

What is your favourite game?

At the moment I'm really enjoying Boom Blox. And I have a real fondness for all the games I've reviewed so far. Games with puzzles like Hotel Dusk and Hello Kitty have a real addictive quality.

What games are you planning to review via song next?

Flower, Peggle and Uncharted 2 when that comes out.

Seeing herself in print may well have gone to her head, if she wasn't busy penning her next project, a review of the pollinate 'em up Flower. Subscribe to podcast to be the first to hear the new song and bi-weekly internet radio show.

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