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Atomic Planet shortlisted for business awards

Middlesbrough based developer Atomic Planet Entertainment has been nominated for two awards in the annual North East Business Awards, with gongs for the Export and Technology awards both in the offing.

The studio, which this year celebrates its fourth anniversary, has worked on titles such as Mike Tyson Heavyweight Boxing, Robin Hood: Defender of the Crown and Capcom's forthcoming MegaMan Anniversary Collection.

"Being nominated for these awards is the perfect culmination to a year of hard work and determination at Atomic Planet," according to managing director and co-founder Darren Falcus. "It also demonstrates our commitment to the region and to running a top quality company which prides itself on the technology it uses and the products it develops for publishers worldwide."

Atomic Planet has indeed has a busy year, with the signing of a number of new products, an increase in staffing and a re-branding of the company. The results of the awards for which it is nominated will be announced at the start of next month, but according to Falcus, "whether we win or not is irrelevant - being included in a short list of three is superb recognition of our progress and that is excellent."

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