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iPhone strategy puzzler featuring atomic chain reactions.

Glasgow, Scotland - 13 August 2009 - Jester's Shoes, an exciting new developer of casual games, today announced the immediate availability of AtomBlast, an addictive strategy-puzzle game for all ages. Conceived and designed by Colin Sleigh, senior game designer at Jester's Shoes Glasgow Studio, AtomBlast tests a player's skill and cunning to dominate the game board with their coloured atoms. Players take turns to place their atoms on the board, setting up chain reactions to capture their opponent's atoms and win the round.

"The aspect of AtomBlast's game-play I enjoy the most is that a well planned moved can turn the tide of battle," says Colin Sleigh, lead tester at Jester's Shoes. "It's incredibly satisfying watching a chain reaction sweep across the board, capturing all your opponents atoms."

Featuring three levels of difficulty in Single-player mode, AtomBlast challenges the player to think ahead to outsmart increasing numbers of AI opponents. Each level poses unique challenges and requires different strategies from the player in order to complete the level while maximising their score. Later levels introduce special items and obstacles such as Bonus Towers to boost scores and Laser Towers that disintegrate surrounding atoms.

AtomBlast is available now on iPhone / iPod touch and Android phones with frequent updates planned. "One of the benefits of the iPhone and Android app stores is that users are notified of updates to their applications," explains Colin Sleigh, senior developer at Jester's Shoes. "This makes it easy for players to pick up free updates to the game with new features and levels developed based on their feedback."

Features of AtomBlast include:

• Single player mode pitting the player against historic physicists Newton, Watt and Galilei

• Multi-player mode for up to four players

• 20 unique levels with limitless re-playability

• Special items that help (and hinder) success

• Tweet top scores - post your top score to Twitter and challenge your followers

About Jester's Shoes

Jester's Shoes Ltd is a provider of "casual games" - fun, easy-to-learn games that appeal to everyone from 4 3/4 to 434. Based in Scotland, UK, Jester's Shoes was founded in May 2009 after spending too much time reading the Viz Profanisaurus, and employs a world-wide staff of 2 across 1 location. Jester's Shoes games are available now for multimedia devices and smart-phones including iPhone, iPod touch and Android phones.

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