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Atlus U.S.A., Inc. Announces Polarium Advance For Game Boy(R) Advance

Tricky Puzzles Guaranteed to Stump the Most Advanced Problem Solvers!


IRVINE, CALIFORNIA - SEPTEMBER 6, 2006 - Atlus U.S.A., Inc., a leading publisher of interactive entertainment, today announced the acquisition of the North American publishing rights to Polarium Advance, an addictive puzzle solving game for the Game Boy® Advance.

About Polarium Advance

As a new and improved tile-flipping puzzler, Polarium Advance, for the Game Boy® Advance, offers all new features that sharpen the brain and accelerate reflexes. Fans of Polarium Advance's predecessor, Polarium DS, will notice you can now use the control pad to move the cursor and also switch to new color schemesno more black and white! In addition, Polarium Advance has improved playability by utilizing the action buttons and control pad as opposed to only using a stylus! So easy, you can play with only one hand perfect for gamers on the go! Polarium Advance also features a totally new variety of tiles, making it one of the trickiest, skill-filled, puzzle games of all time!

Polarium Advance: Game modes

Daily Polarium Mode- Players can use this mode to have a new puzzle set up every day for an entire year, guaranteeing the game to last for at least 12 months! Players can also try to solve 365 puzzles at their own leisure; each time a player solves a puzzle, they unlock a new one! Meet all puzzle solving requirements to earn a gold medal!

Time Attack Mode- Challenges players to complete a set number of puzzles within the shortest time possible. There are two difficulty settings allowing players to compete against the clock and improve their ranking!

Edit Mode- A creative mode allowing players to be the architects! An inventive challenge for any gamer to imagine and construct their own puzzles up to 100 different choices! Players can send their new creations to their friends to test their skills too!

Polarium Advance, developed by Mitchell Corporation of Japan, is scheduled for release in November of 2006 and has an ESRB rating E for Everyone with no descriptors.

Polarium Advance: Key Features

● Daily Puzzle: 365 days worth of new puzzles for year round entertainment!

● Featuring 3 new types of tiles: Hurdle, Solid, and Joker Tiles for challenging new game play!

● Create up to 100 new puzzles and challenge your friends!

● All new color feature allows tiles to come to life!

About Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

Located in Irvine, California and founded in 1991, Atlus U.S.A., Inc. is a publisher of compelling video games for a variety of platforms, including the Nintendo DS, Game Boy® Advance, Xbox 360, PSP, and PlayStation®2. Atlus U.S.A, Inc.'s library of critically acclaimed video games includes Riviera: The Promised Land, Trauma Center: Under the Knife, Magna Carta: Tears of Blood, and the award-winning Shin Megami Tensei series. For more information, visit

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Atlus U.S.A., Inc.

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