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Costume contest winners announced.


IRVINE, CA -- NOVEMBER 23, 2010-- Atlus U.S.A., Inc. today announced the winners of this year's Atlus-O-Weenie, an annual costume contest fans enter by dressing up as a character from an Atlus published game for a chance to win fantastic prizes. Packages of excellent swag, including an all-new Atlus-O-Weenie plaque, a variety of Atlus games, and more will be given out to the fan favorite, an Atlus staff favorite, and six random winners.   

"This is our 4 th year running this costume contest for our fans, and every year we're blown away by the response. Every year people from all walks of life come out of the woodwork and put together phenomenal costumes that surpass our expectations," said Clayton S. Chan, one of the Atlus-O-Weenie coordinators. He further added, "It's always a thrill for the people who put in a lot of work on these titles. We love seeing that we have inspired droves of fans to put in lots of hard work to dress up as the characters we helped bring to life. On that note, I'm very sad that nobody dressed up as a character from Crimson Gem Saga, or as Funky Student from Persona 4." 

Isadora Tang was the fan favorite, chosen by popular vote, and won the Grand Prize by a landslide as Maria from Knights in the Nightmare™. Aleksandra Chernova was the Atlus staff favorite, as Thage from Eternal Poison™. The six randomly chosen winners were: Izanagi from Shin Megami Tensei®: Persona®4, Thanatos from Shin Megami Tensei®: Persona®3, Oswald from Odin Sphere™, Tlachtga from Etrian Odyssey™, Prisoner CR-S01 from Trauma Team™, and Mackenzie from the Touch Detective™ series. CLICK HERE to view the winners.

For more information on Atlus-O-Weenie and to view all submissions, visit the Atlus Page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/AtlusUSA, or visit www.atlus.com/atlusoweenie2010.php.


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