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Atlantica Online

Up and running in Germany.

LOS ANGELES - November 19, 2009

Ndoors Corporation is proud to announce the commercial release of Atlantica Online in Germany. The premier free-to-play, strategic, turn-based MMORPG has seen great success in Asia and North America and is now open for all German players. After three closed beta periods and one open beta with countless hours of testing, tireless beta users, millions of gathered experience points and innumerable defeated mobs, Atlantica is ready for the general masses.

The commercial release of Atlantica Online in Germany is an important milestone, as all the bugs have been fixed and the full version of Atlantica is entirely localized in German. Additionally, the new Item Mall offers all the essentials for brave adventurers; be it items to personalize their characters, various usability enhancements or just improvements for their magical arsenal – there will be something for every Atlantian in Germany who has been curious about the American Item Mall.

“The beta period in Germany gave us great insight into what the German audience wanted, which allowed us to fully optimize and localize the game,” said SeongWon Cho, CEO of Ndoors Coporation. “Atlantica was very well received, and we cannot wait to share the game with a large new group of players.”

About Atlantica

Atlantica Online is a client-based, free-to-play, MMORPG which combines turn-based strategic combat with classic MMORPG virtues such as an open world, an elaborate crafting and economy system as well as intense PvP fights. Additionally, the social component of the game is vital; a sophisticated guild system promises many advantages when playing together. Large guilds can even found their own nation and crown a ruler. In Atlantica Online, players not only take control of their own hero, but as the adventure progresses, up to eighteen mercenaries can be recruited and eight of them taken into the tactical battles at your character’s side. The world of Atlantica is set in a fictional, historic, fantasy universe brought to life with dazzling and detailed graphics. Furthermore, the game features a rocking soundtrack and is fully localized including German voice-overs.

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About Ndoors Corporation

Ndoors Corporation is a leading global publisher of online games, with headquarters in Seoul, Korea. Ndoors Corp. boasts an award-winning catalog of micro-transaction based free-to-play MMOG’s. Ndoors Corp.’s popular online games include the strategic turn-based MMORPG, Atlantica Online and the political and economic MMORPG, Luminary: Rise of the Goonzu. More information is available at

Joe Ziemer, TriplePoint for Ndoors


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