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Athletic MAV Competition for Prizes

September 20, 2004 - Eugene, OR - Max Gaming Technologies is excited to bring a new level of competition to its game, Dark Horizons: Lore, by adding the "MavLympics" to allow players to compete in "olympic-type" events.

Dark Horizons: Lore (DH:L) is a persistent player, first-person shooter, set in a post war world where players fight to gain control of the United States using remotely piloted Mechanized Assault Vehicles (MAVs). The MavLympics taking place, Oct 1st-3rd, will allow these MAVs to compete in various human-like sports in an effort to win hardware prizes from top gaming companies like ATI and Sennheiser.

The MavLympics website will contain all information on a day by day basis. It will allow players to register for events and track their progress.

"We have never been happier to offer these kinds of incentives to our faithful following," stated Adrian Wright, president of Max Gaming Technologies LLC. "We hope this competition brings in a new set of players and strengthens the bonds we currently have with our existing users."

To compete in the MavLympics users will need to have the full version of Dark Horizons: Lore or downloading the time-limited demo available from FilePlanet or by purchasing the game at GarageGames.com for $24.95.

Dark Horizons: Lore MavLympics will include the following competitions and features:

  • High jump
  • Cross Country
  • Fencing
  • Long jump
  • Artillery Accuracy Competition
  • Team Dueling (Team Event)
  • MavBall (Team Event)
  • Dark Horizons backend RPG system to monitor ranking.

Prizes for the MavLympics will include:

  • ATI All-in-Wonder 9800 blazing graphic cards
  • Sennheiser high-quality headphones

Max Gaming Technologies has thrown the gauntlet down for all squads and individual competitors to get involved and rise to the top of the MavLympics awards pedestal. Do you have it in you to be the best MAV athlete around, then head over to MavLympics website and register today.

About Dark Horizons: Lore

Created by independent game developers Max Gaming Technologies, Dark Horizons: Lore (DH: L) puts you in the Dark Horizons Universe in the mid 22nd century. Crammed with fast-paced, extreme action, Dark Horizons: Lore puts you in command of the 22nd century's finest achievement, the Mechanized Assault Vehicle, or MAV. Remotely piloted from control pods scattered across the globe, these giant war machines are bristling with the latest plasma rifles, cannons and missiles possessing more individual firepower than an entire regiment. Pilot a single MAV or gain experience and take command of a MAV group or even an entire battalion and fight with your friends as a unit.

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