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Atari's Paradigm Entertainment and DemonWare Sign Multi-Title Agreement to Network PSP and Xbox 360

Dublin, Ireland 16th September 2005

DemonWare today announced that it was working with Atari to deliver networking on a number of titles that will be launched on next generation console platforms including PSP and Xbox360. Paradigm Entertainment, a wholly owned subsidiary of Atari, is currently working on integrating DemonWares' network technology into their games.

"With the complexity of next generation platforms, we are glad to turn the networking over to a proven supplier in the field. They not only know middleware, they have invested heavily in getting up to speed on the architecture of the new hardware facing us all", said Dave Gatchel, CEO of Paradigm Entertainment.

"Our set of tools delivers the next generation of multiplayer features and we are very excited to be working with industry leaders in providing the service and level of support that they need to get their next generation titles out in time. Risk reduction drives publishers and developers towards proven middleware, that's where we come in, so that they can deliver a unique gaming experience," said Sean Blanchfield, DemonWare CTO.

DemonWare has a range of network products tailored to the needs of modern multiplayer gaming. With titles shipping on all platforms, DemonWare's network products are the most popular choice for publishers and studios as they transition to the next-generation platforms but also for the current console and PC platforms. As the multiplayer market continues to experience phenomenal growth, DemonWare is at the forefront providing both technology and support to enable the innovative features that game studios are developing.

The company recently opened its Vancouver office to provide additional customer support to its North American customers.

About DemonWare

DemonWare provides a complete range of network tools for studios and publishers working on multiplayer titles. DemonWare Matchmaking+ suite provides a risk-free and quick route to multiplayer lobby services. The DemonWare State Engine is widely regarded as the most developer-friendly network engine available and both products are being used in a number of AAA titles being released across all platforms in 2005. DemonWare products support all major gaming platforms (current and next-gen). As a tried and tested network middleware product, it allows developers to reduce development time and risk while focusing on their game play. Interested developers should go to DemonWare has offices in Dublin, Los Angeles and Vancouver.

About Paradigm Entertainment

Founded in 1997, Paradigm Entertainment is a leading developer of interactive 3D video games and related technology for home entertainment systems. With a portfolio that includes recognized hits such as Pilot Wings 64, Spy Hunter, F-1 World Grand Prix, Beetle Adventure Racing, and most recently, Mission: Impossible: Operation Surma and Terminator®3: The Redemption, the company has established a reputation for high quality content and technical achievement with our games.

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