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Atari teams up with Kiss FM to for Anthology promotion

Kiss FM, one of the largest radio stations in London, has signed up with Atari to run a major promotion for the forthcoming Atari Anthology title on Xbox, a compilation of 50 classic Atari titles on one disc.

Kiss is the market leader in London for the 15 to 34 age range - and its listeners, according to the station's statistics, are 36 per cent more likely to buy games and game systems than the average member of the public.

Atari's promotion with the station will run through from Wednesday 1st December to Sunday 5th, and includes trails and DJ mentions leading up to a major competition on the retro music show KiSStory.

The game will also be heavily promoted on Kiss' popular website, with three weeks of online promotions planned to support the main campaign on the station, including additional competitions with more prizes.

"This is a great promotion for us and sees us looking into interesting and new ideas that fit with the relevant Atari products," commented Atari UK's head of PR, Lee Kirton. "Atari Anthology's classic games will be remembered by the majority of Kiss and KiSStory listeners as well as the classic dance tunes that they play very week their popular show."

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