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Atari, Inc. Plans Reverse Stock Split

Board of Directors Seeks Stockholder Approval

NEW YORK, Nov 03, 2006: Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR) a leader in interactive entertainment, today announced that its Board of Directors has approved a plan to seek stockholder approval for a one-for-ten reverse stock split. Currently, the price of Atari common stock is approximately $0.50 per share. The proposed stock split would reduce the outstanding shares to one-tenth their current number, and by doing so, should result in a per share market price well above the $1.00 per share Nasdaq minimum bid price requirement. The reverse stock split will require amendments to Atari's certificate of incorporation, which will require stockholder approval. Atari's Board of Directors will be asking stockholders to approve an amendment that will (a) effect the one-for-ten reverse split, (b) reduce the shares Atari is authorized to issue without further stockholder approval to one-tenth the current number, and ® change Atari's corporate name to ensure that stockholders will be able to distinguish certificates representing post-reverse split shares from the certificates they currently hold, which will not reflect the reduction in shares resulting from the reverse stock split.

Infogrames Entertainment, S.A., holder of 51% of Atari's shares, has said it will attend the meeting at which stockholders vote on the amendments to Atari's certificate of incorporation, and that it will vote in favor of the amendments. The reverse stock split would affect all of Atari's common stock in the same way, and therefore would not affect the percentage ownership of any stockholders. Outstanding stock options and warrants would be adjusted to reflect the effects of the reverse stock split.

Bruno Bonnell, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Atari, said "The final decision for Atari to undergo a reverse stock split was made in connection with an appeal from a Nasdaq staff determination that Atari's common stock should be suspended because it was not in compliance with Nasdaq's minimum bid price requirement. While Atari has not been assured that the reverse stock split will ensure reversal of that staff determination, even if the determination were not reversed and trading was moved to the Nasdaq Capital Market, continued eligibility for trading in that market would require that the market price of Atari's common stock be above $1.00 per share."

Additional Information and Where to Find It

Atari has filed with the SEC a preliminary proxy statement regarding the reverse stock split proposal. It expects shortly to mail definitive proxy statements to its stockholders. Atari stockholders are urged to read the definitive proxy statement carefully when it becomes available, because it will contain important information about Atari and the reverse stock split proposal. Investors and stockholders may obtain a free copy of the definitive proxy statement (when it is available) at the SEC's web site at www.sec.gov . A free copy of the definitive proxy statement will also be available from Atari.

About Atari, Inc.

New York-based Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR) develops interactive games for all platforms and is one of the largest third-party publishers of interactive entertainment software in the U.S. The Company's 1,000+ titles include hard- core, genre-defining franchises such as The Matrix TM (Enter The Matrix and The Matrix: Path of Neo) and Test Drive ® ; and mass-market and children's franchises such as Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer TM , and Dragon Ball Z ® . Atari, Inc. is a majority-owned subsidiary of France-based Infogrames Entertainment SA (Euronext -- ISIN: FR-0000052573), the largest interactive games publisher in Europe. For more information, visit www.atari.com.

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