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Atari And Marc Ecko Secure More Than 65 Legendary Graffiti Writers For 'Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure'

Renowned Writers Lend Tags and Talent to Highly-Anticipated Video Game

NEW YORK, NY, May 26, 2005 - Further establishing the Getting Up1 brand as a true representation of authentic graffiti culture, Atari, Inc. (Nasdaq: ATAR) and Marc Ecko, the visionary behind several of today's most respected youth lifestyle brands, today announced the involvement of over 65 well-known graffiti writers in the highly anticipated video game, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure.

The artists will lend their signature tags and art to the urban environments, while six legendary artists - Cope 2, FUTURA, OBEY: Shepard Fairey, Seen, Smith and T-kid - will serve as in-game mentors to its protagonist, Trane, a rebel and toy2 graffiti writer. The six artists teach Trane skills and techniques such as painting burners, wheat pasting and stencils, so that he may go on to become an all-city3 king.

"In order to provide players with a true and authentic interpretation of writer's lifestyle, we have gathered some of the most acclaimed artists from all over the world to participate in this project," said Marc Ecko, Executive Creative Director for Getting Up. "Outside of being a riveting game, Getting Up chronicles the expression, creativity, and passion that drives a writer to put his life out there in the name of the most powerful art movement in recent history. As someone whose career was deeply inspired by the legends who set this global phenomenon in motion in the early 80s, I am honored to bring it full circle by working with them on this groundbreaking project."

The six graffiti artists include:

  • Cope2 - the notorious 'Bronx bomber and destroyer' who began by tagging New York City subway cars and by 1983, was the king of the 2, 4 and 5 subway lines. Shows Trane the skills needed to successfully tag the subway system.
  • FUTURA - a presence since the early 1970s, FUTURA has gone on to become involved in creating a vehicle for writers to pursue careers as professional artists at Esses Studios. Introduces Trane to a graffiti artist's black book4.
  • OBEY - Shepard Fairey - was a student at the Rhode Island School of Design when he created the now famous sticker of Andre the Giant with the words OBEY. This experiment in phenomenology demonstrates the impact and influence a street artist can wield. Opens Trane up to the world of wheat pasting.
  • Seen - Bronx-born artistic prodigy well-known for painting entire subway cars from top to bottom, and one of the first artists to put his work to canvas. He is widely regarded as a leader of the school of graffiti art, and his works can be found in private collections and museums. Shows Trane how to bomb entire subway cars.
  • Smith - from Washington Heights, Smith was one of the most notorious writers ever and defined a new culture of graffiti by going above ground and sneaking his way into heaven spots5 to place his tag. Smith has since been commissioned to do murals for business of all types. He provides Trane with sneaking and stealth techniques.
  • T-kid 170 (Terrible Kid) began by writing on trains in 1974 and continues his art today by painting many murals in his hometown of the Bronx. Regarded by his peers as a highly influential master for his graffiti style and design. Teaches Trane how to paint murals.

Developed by The Collective, Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is scheduled for release in September 2005.

1-Getting up means getting your tag or graffiti piece up on a wall, high surface, or train

2-Toy is the name given to a graffiti writer starting out

3-All city is the name given to a graffiti writer who's gained a reputation for painting citywide

4-A black book is a journal graffiti artists use to keep a log of admirable art they've seen throughout their travels and to collect signatures of other writers

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5-Heaven spots are areas up high that are called so because that's where you'll go if you fall

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