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Space slugs released today.

Astroslugs is available as a digital download in eleven langugages for both PC and Macintosh from the developer's website. The game has absolutely no copy protection or online activation as the developers do not want to harrass players with painful DRM (digital rights management) software. Astroslugs is being sold for one price world-wide: 9.99 EUR / 13.99 USD / 8.99 GBP. The game will also be available at several download portals and a retail version is going to be released in german-speaking countries on February 10th. There's a demo version of the game available to try out for free.

The Astroslugs gameplay trailer is avaiable on YouTube. Screenshots can be found online on flickr as well as a set of 16 beautiful artworks. And don't forget to listen to the Astroslugs remix album by Filippo Beck Peccoz and his composer friends About the Bit Barons

Bit Barons GmbH is an emerging development studio for digital games (that means three students who decided to go indie). The company is based in Munich (Germany)  and consists of Sergej Klementinovski (Development Director), Alexander Widl (Lead Designer) and Alexander Zacherl (Managing Director). Their first project, Astroslugs, is being backed by the EXIST support program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) which is co-financed by funding of the European Social Fund (ESF).  

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