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Astro Tripper

PlayStation Store release from Mutant Storm chaps PomPom Games, available in Europe on the 11th and in the States next year.

On December 11th, legendary independent developers PomPom Games release their latest slice of shoot-em-up heaven, Astro Tripper on PlayStation3.

From a small cave somewhere, PomPom have been sculpting the very best arcade games on PC and XBox360 for over 6 years. Just two guys, Miles Visman and Michael Michael with the help of aural genius James Drabble, have produced the classic Mutant Storm Reloaded & Mutant Storm Empire on the XBox360 Live Arcade service.

And now, PomPom unleashes a reworking of their original videogame animal... Astro Tripper, a game so evil, it’s been locked away (behind the grenade stash)...

We call on all PlayStation3 gamers to join us in mutilating our fingers and thumbs, and endure a delightfully painful shoot-em-up experience the likes of which hasn’t been seen in ages!

Once tracked down, cornered and sedated, Miles of PomPom had this to say, “Oorgh ogh fssh.”

Mike, the other Pom, translated : “We created Astro Tripper on PC in 2000, always knowing it belonged on console. I mean... PC users and joypads? I don’t think so. When we spoke to Sony about getting the game onto the PS3 via the Playstation store they were very keen and worked with us to make it a reality."

Whatever... Just get yourself to the PlayStation Store on the 11th of December and buy the bloomin’ thing. It’s cheap, and it rocks. What more do you really need!

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