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Astro Dodge

An iPhone shooter.

Assyria Game Studios, the unstoppable studio behind recent blockbusters such as The Glowing Void and Mirror Maze are doing it again! Just when you think the blokes were ready for a well-deserved break they are announcing yet another highly addicting gamefor the Apple iPhone TM and Apple iPod touch ® !

Astro Dodge is like no other asteroids game you have ever come across! Power on earth is running low and it’s your mission to collect Nano-Plasma to restore power to humanity! Collecting Plasma while dodging asteroids is harder than you might imagine: You will encounter not only solar storms, but black holes on your mission to save our dear planet from ultimate destruction. Thankfully Astro Dodge offers you a handful of items to aid you; at your disposal you have a tractor beam, a “Super Shield” giving you a limited period of invulnerability, and a “Nano Plasma Attractor”, which is a device that sucks-in Nano-Plasma towards the player! More items are available, and more items will be made

available in future updates!

Astro Dodge is scheduled to collide with the App Store by the end of July. Until then, you can reserve your personal promo code by sending an email to, and enjoy the amazing trailer at:

For additional information about other titles from Assyria Game Studio, visit their website:

Based in the North East of England, Assyria Game Studio has specialized in innovative games for the Apple iPhone TM and Apple iPod touch ® . The studio is made up of young talent, and was founded by students in their third year of university.

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