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Remake of 1996 space colonisation game blasts off now.

The classic game of space exploration and galactic empire building is back. Winner of the 1996 Codie Award for Best Strategy Software, Ascendancy has been remade by The Logic Factory. Pick one of twenty-one alien species to lead to the stars. Manage your planets, research new technologies, design ships, and explore the cosmos. Once your people venture to the stars, they will encounter exotic spacefaring life forms with wildly varying personalities.

Strange effects abound. Each species has its own special power, and technological advances allow you to bend the rules of the cosmos. Be a diplomat or a warlord. Win by force or by unity. Can you lead your people to Ascendancy?

Experience turn-based ship and fleet combat within star systems, with an enormous variety of new inventions and gizmos you get to discover, build, and refit onto your ships. Weapons and specialty gizmos have their own unique special effects and sounds, and can help you develop specialized strategies and subtle tactics in battle. But diplomacy is an alternative. Trade, form alliances, manipulate, befriend, and make peace with your fellow galactic denizens, if you choose.

This release of Ascendancy is true to the classic. It was made with the original game rules, artwork, music, and sound. The new touch interface allows gamers to explore the three-dimensional starmap with ease. The Logic Factory was founded in 1993 by Jason and Todd Templeman. Ascendancy will evolve from here.

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