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Ascaron to co-publish Cenega titles in UK and Ireland

German publisher Ascaron has secured exclusive UK and Ireland co-publishing rights to a number of new games from Czech publisher Cenega, the companies announced this week.

Ascaron will co-publish UFO: Aftershock, third-person tactical action game El Matador, action RPG The Roots, and Creature Conflict: The Clan Wars.

The deal represents Ascaron's first move into the console market and the company says it's the "first of many" such deals as it expands.

Ascaron UK MD Roger Swindells called it "a great signing". "We are very pleased to be working with Cenega and this signing is going to be the first of many to expand and develop our portfolio over the next year," he said.

While distribution will be handled by Pinnacle, sales and marketing will be Ascaron's responsibility.

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