Games of the Year 2019

Our favourite games of the year ranged from epic adventures to innovative indie games - plus a couple of Switch hits

By GamesIndustry Staff

Games of the Year 2019: Eastshade

Stopping a moment to paint the Bloomsacs. Then another moment. Then so many more

By Rebekah Valentine

Death Stranding, Control and next-gen teases among industry's 2019 highlights

We asked publishers, platform holders, developers and more for their favourite moments and games of the year

By James Batchelor

38 reasons why 2019 was not all bad

From charitable acts to crank-powered consoles, we round-up the best things to happen in the games industry over the past 12 months

By James Batchelor

Games of the Year 2019: The Outer Worlds

Obsidian Entertainment's RPG showed what the studio can achieve with the time and space to express its talent

By Matthew Handrahan

What we can learn from... The Future

2019 in Review: Department of Play's Will Luton on the trends technologies and that will disrupt the games business over the next decade

By Will Luton

Games of the Year 2019: Divinity: Original Sin II

The Switch version of Larian's latest captures the feel of pen-and-paper role-playing in ones and zeroes

By Brendan Sinclair

Games of the Year 2019: Super Mario Maker 2

Nintendo delivered the sequel Super Mario Maker deserved this year and finally learnt to trust its community

By Marie Dealessandri presents... The Year In Numbers 2019

Find out this year's global games market value, biggest games on social media, speediest digital discounts and more

By James Batchelor

Games of the Year 2019: Heaven's Vault

Inkle delivers a deep adventure where everything from the world's history to individual puzzles is open to interpretation

By James Batchelor

The Podcast: Games of the Year 2019

Download the latest episode now to find out which games have most impressed the editorial team this year

By GamesIndustry Staff

People of the Year 2019

From charity pioneers and environmental movements to legendary designers and AAA studios, our choices reflect the depth and breadth of the modern games industry

By GamesIndustry Staff

Games of the Year 2019: Sea of Thieves

Rare's pirate adventure offered an object lesson in how service-based games can get better and better with age

By Christopher Dring

Epic's exclusivity push leads to ugliness

2019 in Review: How consumer grumbling over Steam's newest competition snowballed into outright abuse

By Brendan Sinclair

People of the Year 2019: Respawn Entertainment

Starting with Apex Legends and finishing with Jedi: Fallen Order, in 2019 Respawn became EA's single most important studio

By Matthew Handrahan

People of the Year 2019: Hermen Hulst

Guerrilla Games' former MD on the journey from Killzone to Horizon Zero Dawn, and his next challenge as PlayStation's head of Worldwide Studios

By Matthew Handrahan

The year of PR disasters

2019 in Review: Industry figures and companies said or did ridiculous, inappropriate, and outright harmful things... and got away with it

By Rebekah Valentine

People of the Year 2019: Media Molecule

The full version of Dreams will launch on February 14 -- and Media Molecule spent 2019 paving the way for its success

By Marie Dealessandri

People of the Year 2019: Yu Suzuki

Shenmue III came out 18 years after its predecessor and picked up exactly where it left off

By Brendan Sinclair

People of the Year 2019: Sam Barlow

We speak to the Telling Lies director about showcasing the true potential of interactive narrative in video games

By James Batchelor

People of the Year 2019: SonicFox and Blitzchung

In a year where major industry figures were increasingly reluctant to take stances, two esports pros used their reach to demand change

By Rebekah Valentine

People of the Year 2019: Remedy Entertainment

The Finnish studio's bid for independence was about building a more stable future -- Control proved it was also about creating the best possible games

By Matthew Handrahan

People of the Year 2019: Playing for the Planet Alliance

Unifying against climate change is the first of many steps the games industry must take

By Haydn Taylor

People of the Year 2019: Jeffrey Rosen and John Graham

We explore the legacy of Humble Bundle's co-founders in the first of this year's series on outstanding contributions to the industry

By James Batchelor

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