The Podcast: Game of the Year 2018

The team gathers to reflect on their favourite titles of the past twelve months - download the full discussion now

By James Batchelor

Games of the Year 2018

The team choose their personal faves, most surprising, and most disappointing titles of the year

By GamesIndustry Staff

People of the Year 2018

Recognising the exceptional work this year from teams and individuals alike

By GamesIndustry Staff

Esports' urgent need for visible gender diversity

2018 in Review: Esports is booming, but over half of its enthusiasts face massive barriers to success within it

By Rebekah Valentine

Industry movers and shakers share 2018 highlights

God of War, Spider-Man, Red Dead and Epic Store among the year's biggest events for our expert panel

By James Batchelor

People of the Year 2018: Epic Games

Despite a year peppered with controversy, the Fortnite developer's influence on 2018 remains undeniable

By Haydn Taylor

People of the Year 2018: Hello Games

After criticism, setbacks, investigations, and a PR nightmare, the creators of No Man's Sky emerged this year to an optimistic future

By Rebekah Valentine

People of the Year 2018: Rami Ismail

Vlambeer's co-founder received the GDC Ambassador award, in recognition of years spent reaching out and giving voice to the world's emerging development communities

By Matthew Handrahan

People of the Year 2018: Phil Spencer

PlayStation may have dominated the charts, but it was Xbox that got the games industry talking

By Christopher Dring presents... The Year In Numbers 2018

The global games market value, most watched YouTube videos, biggest mobile games and more

By James Batchelor

The state of esports: Radical growth and inevitable failure

2018 in Review: League of Legends soars, esports are subbed by the Olympics, and PUBG flounders

By Haydn Taylor

Loot boxes: An industry at war with itself over a technicality

2018 in Review: The evidence says loot boxes are gambling, but the law is still catching up

By Haydn Taylor

People of the Year 2018: Annapurna Interactive

The acclaimed indie publisher continues to make its mark on the industry - despite its efforts to stay behind the scenes

By James Batchelor

E3 and the season of hype-building

2018 in Review: Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft made moves this year that point to a coming shift in how they approach a general gaming audience

By Rebekah Valentine

People of the Year 2018: Game Workers Unite

In a year full of game development horror stories, the pro-union group gained traction that could give creators the leverage they've lacked

By Brendan Sinclair

People of the Year 2018: Yves Guillemot

Ubisoft's CEO declared victory over Vivendi in years-long takeover struggle, made some smart investments, and took some big risks. The company made some hit games, too.

By Brendan Sinclair

People of the Year 2018: Lars Wingefors

We speak to the CEO behind 2018's fastest-growing publisher about its ongoing acquisition spree and honouring THQ's legacy

By James Batchelor

People of the Year 2018: The Xbox Adaptive Controller team

Microsoft's team didn't just create an excellent, accessible controller; they also set a new industry precedent

By Rebekah Valentine

The year games retail (didn't) die

2018 In Review: As store closures mount up, is there hope left for physical games outlets?

By Christopher Dring

Why are AAA single-player games viable again?

2018 in Review: A look at the good and bad of an industry where the biggest players can make a business catering to those who fly solo

By Brendan Sinclair

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