Retail doomed if it doesn't go digital - Perry

Used-game sales are stabbing the industry in the back, says Acclaim boss

Acclaim boss David Perry has said that the used-game business has become a "virus", as retailers such as Toys R Us and Amazon begin a push into the lucrative second-hand market.

He said that the industry doesn't stand up to the practice of used game sales, leaving retailers to take full advantage of publishers marketing and advertising investment.

"Now you've shown that the industry won't stand up to you, everyone else can copy this practice," he wrote on his website. "Let me go make you exclusive content, let me advertise to send buyers into your store, let me pay to put standees and posters everywhere, so you can sell them used games and stab our industry in the back."

Acclaim's digital distribution business sells directly to the consumer, with Perry stating the users spends USD 70 on average, and his business has "absolutely no interest in retail anymore."

Perry said that retailers expect publishers to co-promote software, but will prioritise used games rather than new releases, enabling them to make 100 per cent profit.

"I spoke to a senior guy from the EMA (Entertainment Merchants Association) and he told me that the game retailers are just making hay while the sun shines. They know they are doomed if they don't go digital," said Perry.

Sales of second hand games through services such as eBay aren't part of the same problem, said Perry, as eBay isn't a partner in the games business.

"The gamers however have the right to sell their games to anyone they like, or trade them.

"I have no issue with that aspect. I've bought plenty of rare games on eBay, and I have no problem with eBay, because we're not doing co-promotion with them. eBay are not our retail partners."

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