Paris Master Classes

Contents of next month's two-day training event revealed, plus details of a Sony-hosted PS3 class.

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Lyon May 26, 2009

Paris Master Classes have unveiled their latest Master Classes presented during this unique two-day training event that will take place in France's capital this June 25-26. Masters who have worked on the following titles will share their experience with participating developers: Assassin's Creed 2, Splinter Cell, Alan Wake, Madden's franchise, Resistance: Fall of a Man, Warhammer: Dawn of War, Dante's Inferno, World of Warcraft, I am Alive, and many more.

Paris Master Classes will also host a Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE)-sponsored Master Class on June 24 titled PS3 Programming Master Class PS3 Programming to the Next Level. This Master Class will be accessible for free to all PLAYSTATION3 (PS3)-registered developers who are attending at least one other Master Class.

Paris Master Classes will offer a wide range of Master Classes over two days covering all disciplines of video game development. We are happy to welcome SCEE at Paris Master Classes the Executive Director of Paris Master Classes Pierre Carde said. We are doing our best to make sure attending developers improve their skills during the Paris Master Classes and we are convinced having SCEE on board is a key element for it.

Early Bird rate to register ends on June 3, and space in each class is limited to 20 professional developers. All information about the event (venue's location, Master Class dates, prices and registration) and the full list of Master Classes and Masters are available on Paris Master Classes web site:

Contact the organizers for further details at +33 (0) 472 444 420 or

The Full list of Master Classes is available below:

Communicating the Game Design - David Ortiz (King Zilla)

How to think like a Game Designer - Noah Falstein (The Inspiracy)

Managing Internal Production - David Ortiz (King Zilla) Lean Product Development and Optimizing the Production Pipeline Michael Saladino (Pandemic Studios)

Multi-core and multi-threaded design optimization patterns Mike Acton (Insomniac Games)

Character animation pipeline, motion capture and rigging Emmanuel Linot (Solidanim)

Level design - A concrete step-by-step method to plan a great player's experience Pascal Luban (The Game Design Studio)

Core Library - Cedric Bermond (Electronic Arts)

Shaders Optimization, or how to avoid the worst when trying to get the best out of them - Philippe Brolles (Ubisoft Entertainment Canada)

Special effects, pipeline, and visual techniques - Slim Ghariani (Blizzard Entertainment)

Engine framework - Cedric Bermond (Electronic Arts)

Usability - Heather Desurvire (Behavioristics, Inc)

Scrum Practice - Stephane Baudet (Ubisoft Entertainment France)

Optimizing PS3 builds with GCC and the adequate code structure - Gabriel Ware (Darkworks)

Textures creation for large scale environments: optimizing procedural creation - Philippe Brolles (Ubisoft Entertainment Canada)

Monetisation : increase your game revenue - Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners)

Online marketing - Acquisition and retention - Diane Lagrange (ICO Partners)

Optimizing Studio Promotion and Game Launches via PR/Marketing - Doug Mealy (Online Marketing and Public Relations)

Practical tools and strategies to protect traditional and online games from piracy and/or cheating - Steven Davis (IT GlobalSecure Inc)

PLAYSTATION3 (PS3) Programming to the next leve (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe sponsored, free master class) - Sebastien Schertenleib (SCEE)

Advanced Character Animation Technology - Jeff Lander (Darwin 3D)

Believable and sophisticated animations in Games - Will Byles (Electronic Arts)

About Connection Events

The Paris Master Classes is brought to you by Connection Events, the organizer of Game Connection, the leading business event in the video game industry, taking place in Lyon (France) and San Francisco (California, USA) during the Game Developers Conference. Connection Events provides several different services all geared toward the same goals: matchmaking among outsourcing companies, tools providers, developers, publishers and distributors; network building and enhancement; and examination of projects and companies.

For additional information, please contact Marine Graud, Communication & Marketing Manager, Connection Events, at:

Marine Geraud

Communication & Marketing Manager

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