Namco launches Arcade service on Facebook

Users can purchase mobile content and send directly to handsets

Namco Bandai has launched Namco Arcade on Facebook, allowing users to sample mobile games on the social networking site before buying content and sending it directly to their handset.

Facebook users will get exclusive access to Namco content, with Katamari, Arcade Gold, Pac-Man Pinball and Time Crisis Elite the first titles available.

"Namco Arcade is a great way for us to complement the traditional carrier channels of our distribution partners with an alternative channel for users to try and buy our games," said Barry O'Neill, president of Namco Europe.

"Namco Arcade is a great way for us to reach a whole new audience, and allows us to reduce the overall cost to customers, while offering a new level of service and interactivity. The ability to discover and share games easily will be a key driver for the mobile games market in the future."

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