Jack Thompson permanently disbarred

US anti-videogames attorney also forced to pay $43,675 in legal fees to the Florida Bar.

US attorney and anti-videogames campaigner Jack Thompson has been permanently disbarred, following a ruling from the Florida Supreme Court, according to Gamasutra.

The Florida Supreme Court approved a recommendation made earlier this year that Thompson should receive a permanent disbarment. The ruling, effective October 25, further required the infamous lawyer to pay legal fees to the Florida Bar amounting to USD 43,675.35.

Thompson responded to the allegation by issuing a press release to Kotaku, in which he states that the disbarment was an act of revenge for him filing lawsuits against the Supreme Court.

"This disbarment is in retaliation," read the statement. "The timing of this disbarment transparently reveals its motivation: This past Friday Thompson filed a federal civil rights action against The Bar, the Supreme Court, and all seven of its Justices."

"This rush to disbarment is in retribution for the filing of that federal suit. With enemies this foolish, Thompson needs only the loyal friends he has. Thompson always wanted to own a Bar. Now, armed with multiple US Supreme Court rulings that no state bar can do what it has done to Thompson, he is set to own that Bar."

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Latest comments (3)

Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.10 years ago
Good-bye and good riddance. The only thing we'll miss about you is reading of your inane antics and the amount of hits those stories about you would draw.
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Mat Bettinson Business Development Manager, Tantalus Media10 years ago
You seen his press release? The guy lives in another world. Complete loon.
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.10 years ago
That press release was definitely something else.

You know, now I think I understand why Jack Thompson has aggressively attacked the video game industry. He feels threatened by it. He's completely delusional and seems to live in an alternate reality world. Because video games often allow for an alternate reality to be experienced, he feels threatened by the existence of another alternate reality that rivals his own fantastical world and seeks to ensure his own triumphs in our real world environment.

And that, my friends, was my over analysis for the day.
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