Images claim to prove existence of Xbox 360 Slim

Leaked photos suggest smaller form factor for revised hardware

Images of the motherboard for a possible new Xbox 360 hardware version have emerged online, with speculation that it may be intended to coincidence with the launch of Project Natal.

As with many such leaks, such as early glimpses of the PlayStation 3 Slim, the images originate from China. The photos only picture the motherboard and internal components of the supposed console, but based on their size they suggest a console roughly a third smaller than current models.

The technical experts at Digital Foundry, part of sister site Eurogamer, have analysed the images in detail and identified what appears to be a new integrated Xenon and Xenos CPU/GPU processor.

The images do not make it clear whether the hardware is using a 45nm fabrication process but generally speaking a smaller motherboard should mean a more power-efficient, cheaper and more reliable hardware.

In Digital Foundry's opinion the images are likely to be genuine, suggesting a smaller console which Microsoft will be able to produce cheaply enough to sell at a reduced price.

The most obvious hypothesis is that the new console will be launched alongside Project Natal this Christmas, perhaps in a bundle that will allow Microsoft to maintain similar prices to the current models but with the addition of the Natal motion sensing camera.

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Latest comments (11)

Sergey Galyonkin Marketing Director, EMEA, Nival Network10 years ago
It seems to be just another PC motherboard:

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Richard Leadbetter Director, Digital Foundry10 years ago
No, it's definitely not a PC motherboard. Kotaku got confused about Intel chipsets which have nothing to do with the 360.

The lack of RAM slots or any kind of recognisable CPU, or socket, along with the presence of recognisable 360 componentry strongly suggests it is genuine.
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Sergey Galyonkin Marketing Director, EMEA, Nival Network10 years ago
Thank you for clarifying this.

Well, we suspect DS2 for E3 from Nintendo and Xbox 360 slim from Microsoft. It's Sony's turn to leak some information :)
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Kingman Cheng Illustrator and Animator 10 years ago
Assuming it's true, it's about time they decided to streamline that breezeblock of a console!
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Jim Webb Executive Editor/Community Director, E-mpire Ltd. Co.10 years ago
It's definitely a closed environment motherboard with a few similar components as the X360 but I see a lot of contradictory components as well.

A fan and heat sink that size (see the shadows to gauge height) right at the very apex of the concave structure of the housing unit seems unlikely.

Why are there so many pins?

The I/O adds and removes things that don't make much sense.

Where does the DVD drive mount to?

I believe all other X360 boards have the words "MICROSOFT" printed/etched into them and this one clearly doesn't.

It may still be a new X360 mobo but at the moment too many things stand out that keep me skeptical.

Edited 1 times. Last edit by Jim Webb on 18th March 2010 4:38pm

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Alex Jones Editor-in-Chief, Pixel Fist10 years ago
If the rumours are true, I think we could be seeing a very long lifespan for the generation. As in, longer than we were already predicting.
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Otakar Schon Technology editor, Economia10 years ago
may we hope for a quieter cooling system and DVD drive? My Xbox is banned from the living room :) BUt really, the high noise level of Xbox 360 is one of the biggest issues people other than copre players have with xbox and its time to get this sorted out.
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Daniel Cleaton Studying Just finished BA (Hons) Game Production Management, University of Abertay Dundee10 years ago
Agreed. I can't stand the noise my 360 makes - have to set the TV annoyingly loud just to drown out the never-ending DVD drive spinning and the fans.
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Tom Wilhelm Ødegård Dpt. head Gaming, Spaceworld AS10 years ago
Why not just install the game to the hard drive and save yourself the DVD drive spinning and the fans cooling it down.

That's what I do, and doing so the 360 makes a lot less noise.
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Emily Rose Freelance Artist 10 years ago
Some people just want to play it straight off, being a pc gamer I agree with you though.

That said, if this is real it'll be great news for the long suffering xbox fans (at least, the ones that can afford a replacement) Less red rings is always good.

I'd be rather amused if there is really no DVD drive and it's digital distribution only...
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Jeff Wilson10 years ago
When the new Xbox console is released, I imagine there will be one with the DVD and one without just like the Arcade Xbox offered the cheaper option with no hard drive. This current Xbox appears dated compared to the PS3 Slim. I have both, and prefer the PS3 slim.

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