Head of GFW Live among layoffs

Chris Early let go as job cuts grip Microsoft

Microsoft's Chris Early, general manager of Games for Windows Live, has been revealed as being among the recently reported layoffs at the company, according to a report by VentureBeat.

Early was appointed as general manager in July 2007, where he said he would work to "bridge the gap" between PC and consoles.

The Games for Windows service has foundered against stiff competition from Vavle's Steam, which has out maneuvered its rival since inception.

This news comes on the back of earlier news of Microsoft's closure of its internal developer, Aces Game Studios, as part of the company's move to axe 5000 jobs.

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Edwin Lyons CEO & Co-founder, Firebolt Games9 years ago
I have to say I prefer Steam to GFW, though I think GFW games support for the Xbox 360 controller is a bonus, especially for all the ported games. This brings with it other 'consolisation' and over-simplification of the UI to support controllers... Still, it's good for Steam to have some sort of competition...
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