New portal offering (and requiring) Flash-based mobile games.

Rotterdam, May 7, 2009 - BoosterMedia has released, a casual gaming platform targeting mobile gamers and game developers internationally. offers a growing selection of free-to-play mobile games based on Flash technology. The mobile portal, with over 10 localized versions in several languages, features puzzles, brain trainers, classic arcade and action games for Flash Lite enabled handsets.

Laurens Rutten, Managing Director of BoosterMedia, comments: Flash Lite is now supported by an increasing number of mobile handsets and is especially suited for casual games development targeted at a broad audience. Contrary to high-end mobile games based on J2ME, casual games developers can tap into their Flash experience from the web relatively easy. However, as with everything mobile, there are still a lot of small differences that make it more complex, Rutten adds. Therefore, our mobile experts are ready to assist newbie Flash Lite developers.

GamesPlaza stimulates Flash Lite game-developers by offering international distribution and a professional mobile landing page for free, enabling developers to present themselves on the mobile web. Within a few weeks, a web version ( of the mobile portal will be made available as well, including a special developers zone. Laurens Rutten: We will share our experience with other casual games developers. Publish tips & tricks for Flash Lite games development, help with testing on multiple handsets and encourage online exchange of feedback between gamers and developers.

New Flash Lite games are added to GamesPlaza on a regular basis. Follow GamesPlaza at Twitter for updates on game releases and mobile casual games developments.

About BoosterMedia

BoosterMedia ( manages a fast growing international network of mobile portals around casual gaming ( and entertainment. The company has been founded in 2008 by MoMac (, a leading European mobile service provider to the Media and Telecom Industry.

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