Game Republic builds MIG China deal

Trade alliance Game Republic has helped seal a deal between Yorkshire games developer, Creative North, and Beijing-based MIG China - one of China's leading mobile games publishers.

The agreement brought forward by Game Republic now allows Creative North to sell its products in China, which provides a potential of over 360 million mobile phone subscribers via MIG China; a figure unrivalled by any other country in the world.

"Game Republic is committed to ensuring the region's software development community are given every chance of success in what is a fiercely competitive global market, and today's publishing deal between Creative North and MIG China clearly demonstrates the virtues of the collaborative effort," said Michael Crampton, general manager, Game Republic. "Our goal, as ever, is to assist the region's wealth of programming talent to gain a sustainable international presence."

Phil Mundy, director of Creative North Studios added, "without the connections, support and encouragement of the Game Republic alliance, it's doubtful whether such an outstanding opportunity - to sell our games to anything like the number of potential mobile phone gamers China affords - would have come to our attention. Game Republic hasn't just been a sympathetic ear, but a bona fide means to explore and generate new and exciting business opportunities."

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