Cyber Nations

Free-to-play, browser-based nation sim goes nuclear.

Texas, USA / Planet Realm Online Gaming, publishers of browser-based strategy games, is looking for the next generation of leaders to enlist in its free-to-play persistent browser-based nation simulator, Cyber Nations.

Cyber Nations is a free-to-play browser-based nation simulator which seats players in control of the destiny of their nation set against the backdrop of perennial war.

Grow your nation from a tiny principality to an economic powerhouse; improve infrastructure, develop land, buy improvements, amass a huge army, instigate trade relations and more in a bid to become the most powerful nation in the world!

And if all of that fails, nuke em all!

In Cyber Nations, players have the option to form huge alliances which span the globe through the vibrant in-game forums, or reject peaceful negotiations for the militant approach and engage in nihilistic warfare. Players can chose from an unsavoury palette of military options including soldiers, tanks, cruise and nuclear missiles, navy, aircraft and spies to inflict the wrath of Cain against rival nations.

Currently, some of the largest Alliances in the game are at war with each other in what has been the most violent war since records began. The worlds radiation level is set at an all time high as a result of the use of thousands of nuclear bombs in the ongoing struggle as Kevin Marks, the owner of Cyber Nations publisher, Planet Realm Online Gaming acknowledges,

The current count of nuked nations within the past 30 days is in excess of 5,000, so we've clearly surpassed previous records for both total nations nuked in a calendar month as well as the ratio of nuked nations to overall nation population.

War isnt always the answer to all of lifes problems, and Cyber Nations caters for a wide variety of gameplay, allowing players to build up a mighty nation through trade and diplomatic relations, as well as the more aggressive approach. Create the perfect utopia to attract citizens to your mighty nation, expand your land, develop technology and create huge wonders as a testament to your awesomeness.

As a result of the volcanic state of warfare, server activity is at an all time high. Simply put, there has never been a better opportunity to get in on the action.

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Could you start a truly powerful nation? Do you have what it takes to lead your army into battle? Start your nation for free today!

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Planet Realm Online Gaming:

Planet Realm Online Gaming is a publisher of persistent browser based strategy games. Their portfolio includes a range of extremely popular free-to-play browser-based games including the nation simulator, Cyber Nations, a Tournament based version of Cyber Nations now in its 10th round, social strategy game Cyber Citizens , and turn-based multiplayer tactical war strategy game, Tour of Generals.

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