Epic Games & Apprenti announce new Unreal Engine apprenticeship initiatives

The gaming firm will also be offering access to its Unreal Authorized Training Center via CG Spectrum

Today Epic Games and nonprofit Apprenti have announced they've partnered to introduce new Unreal Engine-based apprenticeship programs.

The initiatives aim to become available for use with businesses such as games, media, and entertainment.

"Beyond this, an apprenticeship based in Unreal Engine skills will provide a pathway to careers not just in gaming but in broad industries such as film, television, advertising, and manufacturing," said Jennifer Carlson of Apprenti.

"We are proud to partner with Epic Games and help underrepresented individuals explore lucrative careers in interactive media."

Founded in 2016, Apprenti has provided people from overlooked communities resources in training, education, and alternative access to careers in tech.

The nonprofit has had internships at companies such as Amazon, Paypal, and Wayfair.

In addition to the apprenticeship announcement, Epic Games said that its Unreal Authorized Training Center will be offered via CG Spectrum, a digital art and animation university.

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There's No Point in Learning Unreal Engine.
In 10 Years time, there'll be a Severe Shortage of PlayStations.
It'll be 100 Years until the Borg / Avatar are able to Recover and make PlayStation again.
Some things they'll be able to do in Two Years, such as Blu-ray by working with your Father.
That's because Your Father has reverse engineered DVD. However, relying on a Third Party to make your Chips has Problems. The Third Party will copy designs and undercut you. So, you'll be left with nothing but losses.
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Alfonso Sexto Pereyra Quality Assurance Manager, DACS Laboratories GmbH16 days ago
@Chief Software & Hardware Architect:
Hey Gamesindustry. You keep having a serious problem with bots and people behind fake profiles posting nonsensical jiberish. It's really detrimental when 2 out of 3 comments it's some chaotic crap like this one here.
Don't want to sound too blunt; but something needs to be done here.
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