Red Dead Redemption 2 sold 408k units on the Epic Games Store in its first month

By comparison, Borderlands 3 sold 1.78m units on EGS in its debut month

Red Dead Redemption 2 launched on PC last month on both the Rockstar Games launcher and the Epic Games Store, with the promise of a Steam release a month later. But whether because of the coming Steam release or technical difficulties or its year and change on console already or some other factor, its Epic Games Store sales numbers appear to have been a bit muted.

SuperData shares that Red Dead Redemption 2 sold 408,000 units on the Epic Games Store in November, paling in comparison to Borderlands 3's launch on the same storefront which brought in 1.78 million units in its debut month. Though, to be fair, that launch was simultaneous with console, and Gearbox's shooter is still unavailable on Steam.

That meant that Red Dead Redemption 2 came nowhere near breaching the top 10 games on PC for November, ranked by digital sales. League of Legends was No.1, and the rest of the list consisted of mostly familiar faces, though Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order notably debuted at No.6.

It did even better on console. SuperData reports that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order had the best-selling console digital launch in Star Wars game franchise history, selling 2.14 million digital units in November. It reached No.3 by earnings on console for November, under Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and above FIFA 20. Pokemon Sword and Shield was No.1 on console by earnings, and sold 2.72 million digital units in November.

SuperData additionally pointed out that the free-to-play console segment dropped 41% year-over-year for November, with global spending in free-to-play console games at $84.7 million. Some of this is due to comparisons year-over-year with Fortnite -- and Fortnite still generates 51% of the free-to-play console market revenue in 2019, year-to-date.

Here are the top-selling games for November by earnings:

Image Credit: SuperData

Image Credit: SuperData

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Kim Pallister Director of Content, IntelA year ago
Worth noting that Rockstar offered (IIRC) a free game, a $20 discount, and a bunch of DLC for those purchasing through their launcher vs the Epic store. That likely pushed a bunch of buyers to jump through the hoops of creating another store account.
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