New Zealand government commits $10m to growth of local games industry

City of Dunedin will become hub for aspirations to grow games industry to $1 billion sector

The New Zealand government has come through on its prior commitments to invest $10 million (NZD) in the local games industry,

In a government announcement today, the city of Dunedin was confirmed as New Zealand's new Centre for Digital Excellence (CODE).

Over the next ten years, CODE will serve as the cornerstone of aspirations to grow the New Zealand games industry into a $1 billion (NZD) endeavour.

The money comes from the government's Provincial Growth Fund, and will be invested into multiple initiatives designed to develop the games industry and create sustainable employment.

Since 2013, the New Zealand digital economy has grown 39% annually, to become a Ł143 million (NZD) industry.

"Dunedin has a long history of innovation and is already home to increasing numbers of successful, internationally recognised tech businesses -- including video game development studios RocketWerkz and Runaway," said Dunedine mayor Aaron Hawkins.

"We have a thriving and collaborative start-up community supported by first-class tertiary education providers. The industry's need for storytellers, artists and designers, taps into our city's growing creative economy."

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